Nestling Daily Flow

Our Nestlings cohorts’ routines are fluid and determined by the temperaments and ages of the babies in the cohort. Because of this, our Primary Care Providers create a routine according to their own cohorts. Each morning, our Head Teacher will choose one or two activities for the Primary Care Providers to do with each cohort. Both Primary Care Providers have their own basket that they fill with developmentally appropriate activities for the babies in their care.

Primary Care Providers focus on:

  • Personal Care: dressing, hair brushing, diapering, etc.
  • Sign Language: sign language is used regularly to facilitate language development
  • Personal Connections: Lots and lots of snuggles, giggles, and face-to-face time
  • Developmental Growth Activities
  • Connecting with Other Children:
    • We join the Fledgling cohort during:
      • outdoor time
      • some free choice centers
      • group reading
      • snacks & lunch
      • music & movement