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The Robin’s Nest Childcare Center is an infant and toddler certified daycare center that is situated in the heart of Corvallis. At The Robin’s Nest, we aim to embody the essence of Corvallis and provide the community with an indispensable service.

We maintain a beautiful, calm, and nurturing environment that prevents overstimulation and provides opportunities to explore and learn. The center abounds with child-friendly plants and nature-inspired details in a home-like setting. Furniture is low to the ground, allowing for gross motor exploration, and outdoor time is a daily requirement! We are a certified Eco-Friendly Child Care center and we are certified at the Commitment to Quality level with the Oregon SPARK program.

Our Vision

At The Robin’s Nest Childcare Center, we aim to incorporate ourselves into our diverse and lively, multi-generational community. Our environment has been designed to maximize the opportunity for growth and development of the youngest child’s social/emotional, gross and fine motor, cognitive, and communication skills. Our small and intimate space allows for consistency between the home and childcare environments and encourages a healthy relationship between the babies in our care, their parents, and the staff. We aim to build each child’s sense of curiosity and trust in their natural surroundings by providing nature-based learning opportunities. Our own love and trust in our local, natural environment has led us to obtain our certification as an Eco-Healthy Childcare Center!


We are a fully certified center-based childcare setting and we are currently enrolling full-time and part-time families.

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