Program Details


Our primary care providers work with individual families to create a routine that meets the needs of each individual child. Our staff members are trained to focus on their own cohort and learn the subtle cues each child uses to communicate his or her needs. In this way, each child feels respected and loved and as a result, is able to focus on growing and learning.


The Robin’s Nest Childcare Center has three learning spaces. The Nestling room is for small ones ages 6 weeks to 12 months old. The Meadowlark room is for our more independent explorers aged 12 months to 24 months. For little ones who are practicing their independence and their social skills (and their use of the potty), we offer the Bluebirds room for ages 24 months to 36 months. Each cohort has their own primary caregiver who spends the bulk of each day with them.

The childcare center is a small and intimate space, accommodating a maximum of 28 children between the three classrooms. The classrooms often coordinate with each other and the staff and children may flow from one classroom to the next. In each class we have three to five adults on staff each day, acting as guides and facilitators. These adults are encouraged to play and participate in meaningful work alongside the children, in addition to leading a small group discussion and providing daily care for each child.

Children will move from one cohort to the next at their own pace and the age-range for the cohorts is set as a guideline and not as a rule.

When our little babies and toddlers are all grown and ready for preschool, we have a separate location, The Preschool House, for children ages 3 years to the start of kindergarten!


We encourage families to be involved with their child’s daycare time. We love when parents spend lunch with their children and we have an open-door policy when it comes to parents breastfeeding or bottle feeding their babies during a child’s time in care. We also coordinate time each month for family gatherings and community-building activities. We have adopted the Bruce Starker Arts Park and complete improvement projects with Corvallis Parks and Rec throughout the year.


The Nestling room has a dedicated room for napping that is quiet and dark, and always staffed. Both the Meadowlark and the Bluebird classrooms nap at about the same time. Each room transforms as cots and blankets are pulled out, lights are dimmed, and our classroom guides begin humming a soothing lullaby. The Preschool House is much the same except that our preschoolers are responsible for setting up and putting away their cots and bedding.