Fledgling Daily Flow

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OUR FLOW Fledglings Include our Bluebird and our Meadowlark Classrooms

Arrival: Free Choice – include: art, imaginative play, gross motor activities, singing, puzzles, etc.

9:00am Community Gathering: Good Morning Song, Show-and-Share

9:15am Clean Up, Potty, Snack

9:45am Outside Exploration

10:45am Indoor  or Outdoor Free Play/Art

11:15am Potty & Wash Up for Lunch

11:30am Lunch (not provided) & Self-Guided Play

12:30pm Art/ Group Reading

12:45pm Fledgling Quiet Time (Nap)

2:30pm Potty & Wash Up, Snack

2:45pm Music & Movement or Group Art

3:15pm Self-Guided Play/Outdoor

3:55pm Clean Up

4:10pm Afternoon Community Time – Share and Process the Day’s Events, Sing

4:30pm Group Book or Quiet Free Choice Activities – Puzzles, writing, art, second nap, additional snack option, etc.

5:00pm Goodbye

Our Fledglings enjoy hours of free choice time where our classroom guides participate in imaginative play, create art, build, and play outside! Each morning our classroom guides set up free choice options and topic-focused activities for our fledglings in our home-like setting. Classroom guides also actively continue sign language incorporation with this older group.

Transitions are punctuated by songs and other auditory cues to help children prepare to move from one activity to another. Assigning “jobs” to children also helps with transitions. Giving each child a “job” provides them the opportunity to practice responsibility and gain confidence in their autonomy.

The daily routine is a “living” schedule and is subject to change according to the needs of the cohort. The schedule takes into account the regular waves of waxing and waning energy so that children are able to optimize their growth and learning time while respecting the needs of their bodies.