Weekly Adventures

Week 1 June 17- 21 Let your Garden Grow

We will ring in the Summer Solstice with some gardening! Children will work together to plant some fruit veggie starts and learn what it takes to have a successful garden . we will explore the parts of a plant and go home with their very own plant. Join us on weeks 8 and 9 for the harvest and cooking of the very food we plant!


Week 2 June 24-28 Annelids and Insects

How are worms different from insects? Join us for this week of camp where we study worms and compare them to insects. At the end of the week, we will release painted lady butterflies!


Week 3 July 1-3 Farming (with real farm animals)

Learn the body parts of a chicken and the various parts of an egg. Practice milking. Meet some farm animals and taste-test various items from local farms in this fun and exciting summer camp!


Week 4 July 8-12 Camping

Set up your tents, make some s’mores and sing some campfire songs! In this camp, we will be pretending we are camping in the forest. Bring your trunks and play in the creek.


Week 5 July 15-19 Rivers and Streams

Study the Dunawi Creek and the creatures that call it home. Have you ever wondered where the creek goes? Or where our rivers go? Learn all of this and more during this week’s camp!


Week 6 July 22-26 Ocean Animals

Learn all about fish and mammals that live in the ocean. Discover what animals live along our coast and create artistic interpretations of the sea and it’s creatures!


Week 7 July 29- Aug 2 Playing at the Beach

Build sand castles, play in the sand, lay under a beach umbrella. Fun abounds as we play in sand and keep cool with water games that’ll excite and entertain all ages!


Week 8 Aug 5-9 Harvest

Our plants have been growing all season and now it’s time for the harvest. Enjoy the many flavors that can be found locally and in our very own garden! We will have a field trip to the SAGE garden this week and play in the children’s garden.


Week 9 Aug 12-16 Cooking

It’s time to cook and create with the foods we’ve grown and harvested. Learn some kid-friendly meals and go home with a small book of recipes!


Week 10 Aug 19-23 Handcrafts and Woodworking

Practice felting, hand-sewing, whittling and sanding, and building with real tools! All activities will be age appropriate and the results will wow and astonish our grown-up caretakers.


Week 11 Aug 26-30 Back to School

Prepare for the first day of school. Starting school can be a scary adventure. With our friends around us, we will practice basic routines and help normalize the idea of school. We will do fun activities with our names and ride a pretend bus!